A Message from Our CEO - Coffee Cup Collective's Commitment during the Coronavirus Crisis

We are dedicated now, as ever, to continuing to deliver you clean and sanitary cups when you need them, where you need them.

Hello Coffee Cup Collective Community,

On behalf of the Coffee Cup Collective team, I'm writing to reaffirm our commitment to making it convenient and safe to ditch disposable cups with our circular solution during the Coronavirus Crisis.

We have always stressed the importance of the behind-the-scenes operations. We developed our operations with a focus on ensuring customer and team safety by following health codes. We wash and sanitize all cups in a commercial dishwasher before we distribute them for use. Our cups are transported and stored in clean food-safe bins to ensure that our cups stay clean through the moment you get your drink.

Don't stress the late cups

We realize times are hectic and you may not be able to return your cup in a timely manner. We've suspended charging our late fees - so don't fret it! When you get around to returning your cup, we'll take it for cleaning.

We're reexamining our late cup policy as this evolves and will keep you posted.

Our ask of you

For the safety of our team, we ask that whenever possible, you return your cup empty in our return bins.

Starbucks has suspended their bring your own program

You have probably heard by now that Starbucks has suspending accepting personal reusable cups. Many have asked us, "why are your cups different?" It's a great question.

Our service is very different than a "bring your own" program. When people bring their own cups to a cafe, the cups may or may not be clean, which risks cross contamination. Our service, on the other hand, provides cafes with clean and sanitized cups for people to check out, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Our team is committed as ever

We are taking increased precautions by reinforcing health and hygiene protocols for all team members and following CDC and WHO guidance.

We appreciate our community as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation. We are maintaining operations and are keeping a close eye on the situation. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Be safe and wash your hands!

With gratitude,

Alison Rogers

Founder & CEO, Coffee Cup Collective

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